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Originale Kompletträder in Premium-Qualität

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Premium Wheels: Premium Service for OEM Tyres

Since 2007, we have been selling OEM rims, complete winter wheels, complete summer wheels and ready-to-fit complete aluminium wheels at very attractive prices worldwide; both on the web and in our workshop in Germany. Feel free to compare us with the RRP of your car manufacturer.

Even with the favorable price, you don't have to do without top advice by stock wheels and original wheels experts. A total of ten employees are there for you, your questions and your car; first and foremost our managing director Fabian Wanitschke.

Service from balancing to mounting
All wheels and rims are original from the manufacturer
We ship safely and quickly all over the world

We buy your original rims and complete wheels at the best price

You still have OEM rims or OEM alloy wheels from AMG, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, BMW or VW and want to give them into good hands? Just send us a message and you will get an excellent offer from us within 24 hours.

If the deal suits you, everything is quick and uncomplicated: we organize the free collection or the shipment and transfer the agreed money to you by lightning transfer. Once we have the OEM wheels, we are sure to find them a new home. After all: One’s used factory rims are another’s used OEM wheels! Thank you for giving your OEM rims a second chance!

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Premium Wheels: the O stands for Original

At Premium Wheels you'll find everything you need to do your car good in terms of rims and complete aluminium wheels in one place. Always at a very attractive price and in premium quality. With original tyres from the car brand manufacturers of Premium Wheels, you have real advantages:

  1. You get rims and tyres in the quality that your car manufacturer has specified for your car
  2. The original tyres fit your car perfectly
  3. Your car is and remains an original
  4. You save a lot of money compared to the RRP for the same quality product

So, if you’re looking the best place to buy rims online, take a look at what we have to offer. Your next pair of OEM wheels is just one click away!

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